Boxing Club 'Tractor'

Boxing for fun, fitness, self-defense, and competition

Mixed classes, suitable for all ages and experience levels

Morning, afternoon and evening classes

Convenient western suburbs location



Casual Visit


Single session, any class

One Week Unlimited


As many sessions as you like, for one week*.

*Price Format: standard/under 18

Personal Training


45-minute session

Personal Training


60-minute session

Group Training


2-5 people. $13 p/p thereafter.



  • Hugh Kennedy
    Choose boxing for fitness, boxing for competition, or anywhere in between. Great music & great people. I'm in my 40s now and thanks to Tractor, I'm the fittest I've ever been - plus I have learnt to love the most challenging sport of them all!
    Hugh Kennedy
  • Jim Stewart
    A really friendly atmosphere with mixed classes, all ages. My 11 year old son and I (Im 44) fit right in straight away. Everybody was very down to earth, and the classes dont require any special skills. Within a couple of months we were both feeling a lot fitter. Really pleased I found this place. Its been 18 months now and havent looked back since we joined.
    Jim Stewart
  • Noel Mensforth
    I can't believe it took me three years of driving past this boxing club before I gave it a shot. Now I am a regular there. I was talking to a mate who was training there, and I said I didn't want to get punched in the head! He told me it's not like that, the main thing that happens here is boxing for fitness. I have since found out that boxing is excellent for fitness! And no two sessions are the same - Carsten is an excellent fitness trainer with lots of tricks up his sleeves. He would give those celebreties on The Biggest Loser a run for their money 🙂
    Noel Mensforth
  • Armando Shihu
    If you want to get fit and learn to hit you should come try it out !!!
    Armando Shihu
  • Maria Nguyen
    Came here for the first time. Loved it. People made me feel like at home in Melb. Will be coming back.
    Maria Nguyen
  • Peter Scardigno
    Great way to get fit, tone up and a fantastic trainer Carsten! Pushes you but having fun at the same time! Train the old school way! Great place to train at!
    Peter Scardigno
  • Glenn Maddocks
    Awesome place awesome coach Carsten likes to push everyone and have a bit of a joke at the same time I look forward to every session thanks for the training Carsten!
    Glenn Maddocks
  • Darren English
    You want to lose weight, get fit and sweat like crazy, you need to train here.
    Darren English
  • Cameron Homes
    Best training in town highly recommended
    Cameron Homes



Up to 1200 calories per session!

Boxing is high intensity training. That means you burn heaps of calories during the session, and also for hours after the session has ended. Many typical “cardio” activities do offer post-training calorie-burning. Hence, boxing is an exceptionally good fitness option if you want to achieve weight loss. 

Strengthen joints

Improve infrastructure

Resistance training strengthens bones & joints. In boxing, focus pads and punching bags provide resistance. So does your own bodyweight when you perform pushups, lunges, pull-ups, or burpees. In response to this work against resistance, your joints, tendons and ligaments will also get stronger.

Relieve Stress

Feel calmer, more relaxed

Boxing has psychological benefits apart from being a fantastic physical activity. It turns out that hitting things makes you feel good! There’s nothing like coming into the club after a tough day punching out all of the stresses you’ve been carrying. The repetitive movement and endorphins from the workout will leave you calm and relaxed, and ready for the next day with a more peaceful outlook.

Increase Muscle Tone

Excellent for increasing tone

People who box regularly achieve physique which is toned without a lot of bulk. the reason for this specific physical result is that punching is a fast repetitive action that produces toned taut muscles, as opposed to the slow, controlled, movements involved in body-building or weight lifting that create size or bulk.

Increase fitness

Overall Wellbeing

Boxing is a full body movement that makes your heart and lungs work overtime to pump blood containing oxygen all around your body.This forces your body to adapt by improving your heart and lungs’ ability to deliver oxygen. This effect improves thinking ability and mood, which has benefits over other aspects of quality of life.

Improve Core Stability

Protect posture & your back

Core stability is your middle-body’s ability to keep you upright in an optimal posture at all times. Boxing training focuses on core muscles and helps them to develop in strength and endurance. The benefit of this type of fitness means your posture will improve, protecting your spine and neck, and improving your overall appearance.

Increase Endurance

Do more, for longer!

Boxing makes your muscles contract repeatedly, which causes them to fatigue. Over time (with practice) your muscles adapt, so they can keep working for longer without getting tired. The result for you is that your body can then work harder for longer with less fatigue.

Improve Confidence

Feel better about yourself!

Over time, our members get better and better at boxing technique. Even people who just come for fitness see big improvements in speed, agility, focus, endurance, and general wellbeing. We’ve seen it time and time again; people come to the club, and after a few weeks start to glow.


Boxing Club Tractor is associated with Boxing SA.Our club teaches all ages, including school-age boys and girls. All young people are welcome to come to us and to learn the first steps in the ring. We regular attend Boxing SA tournaments. Our club has already two South Australian champs; Jye Burns won the school-boy 52 kg division in 2015. Armando Shehu won the school-boy 32 kg division in 2016.



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Boxing Club Tractor



We provide regular pre-season preparation for many different sports. For example rugby, football and netball. In the last two years we have trained notable sporting teams, including; “Thunderbirds”, “Woodville Wasps”, & ” Seaton Ramblers”.

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Q: Do I need any special equipment?

A: No. Just comfortable, loose clothing and light, enclosed footwear. 

Q: Do I have to hit anyone?

A: No. Most members come purely for fitness and personal benefit. Supervised sparring is available, and you can certainly get competition training if is what you are interested in. 

Q: My daughter is 10 years old. Do you have a kids class?

A: Our classes are mixed and all-ages. Everyone is welcome , no matter their size or level of experience. We have a lot of young members, boys and girls. 

Q: I am quite out of shape. Will I be able to keep up?

A: Boxing is a safe, low-impact form of training suitable for all fitness levels. Most people with no current exercise routine can comfortably complete our classes.

Q: Whats involved in the actual classes?

A: The classes are structured around interval-training. This means we do short blocks of exercise on a timer, then have short rest periods in between. Training includes: skipping, bag-work, pad-work, technique (basic and advanced), medicine ball, dumbbells, boxing-specific exercise to train coordination, and partner-work (non-contact). More advanced boxing training is available in small groups on Fridays in sparring, and in private sessions.

Member of Boxing Australia SA


Boxing Club ‘Trector’  was founded April 2009. It began in a garage in Fulham; 15 square metres in size, with space for two boxing bags and three people. 

In September 2009 we moved to our first “real gym” on Henley Beach Road. It provided more space, and we were able to install a small boxing ring.

In September 2010 we moved to the current venue on Tapleys Hill Road. The gym is 240m, with everything that a professional Boxing Gym needs; plenty of bags, open space, a boxing ring, and plenty of equipment.

The founder, owner and trainer of the Boxing Club Tractor is Carsten Bergner. He started boxing at the age of 11 years, in 1977 in East Germany. After two years hard training and 25 fights he was one of just a handful of young boys allowed to train at the elite club, SC Tractor Schwerin. It is this club from which Boxing Club ‘Tractor’ gets its name. 

The boys, including Carsten, trained for the Olympic games in Soul 1988. It was an experience that would shape Carsten’s life. One of the Team members won a gold medal in the 1988 Soul Olympics. Carsten’s best result was the bronze medal at the East German Championships.

Since 2007 Carsten Bergner has held an Australian Boxing Coach license, and has been dedicated to coaching boxing in South Australia.


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